onlineWe are the Consciousness of Abundance as manifested through the Creative Life Force.

When we give, we give what we have already received, just as we tend to teach what we need to learn. When we apply our experience, integrate and ground what we have learned, the learning manifests into what are called ‘the gifts of the spirit.’ The gifts that we receive were in fact co-created by us through the essence of who we are – the Creative Life Force.

The gifts of Love, Knowledge, Understanding, Wisdom, Balance, Clarity, Tolerance, Understanding and so on, are applied throughout our lives and given freely back to the world around us.

We are the Perfect Manifestation in the Abundance of Love in the Heart of the One!

I sense this process as Divine re-cycling.

Within this cycle, paradigms are transmuted and changed through the expansion of our own consciousness, our unique perceptions, and our knowledge. Thus, all life is given the gift of continuous and ever changing evolution.

I perceive this as the ebb and flow of life through the intention of co-creation.

If we give something away, the ‘world’ perceives that it is no longer ours. But, no one can give unless he has; therefore, giving is proof of having.

If we give an idea away, we strengthen the idea in our own mind. The form in which the thought seems to appear is changed in the act of giving. And, this giving can only be expanded.

In fact, we protect all things we value by the act of giving them away, so we are sure that we will never lose them. Never forget that we give but this gift to ourselves. (1)

The most beautiful example that I’ve experienced in giving and receiving is profound in its simplicity.

About five years ago, I was assigned to work with a group of people in a large organization. They were located in a large complex, where everyone had an identification badge and passed through a security checkpoint when they entered the workplace. As a visitor I was required to sign-in each day and receive a temporary badge.

On my first day at the location, I noticed a security guard named Sara standing in the entry way, and greeting employees as they approached the entrance.

As the employee showed their badge to Sara, she would nod and say, “Have a Blessed Day.”

Hundreds of people would enter the building every day, walking by Sara and receiving her blessing.

What is remarkable is what happened after Sara shared the blessing.

Sara:           Have a Blessed day!
Employee: Thank you Sara, and the same to you!
Sara:           Thank you, I receive it!

I had heard and received greetings of, Have a nice day, or Have a Great day, or even Be Blessed, or Have a Blessed day. But I’d never experienced the greeting given back and then received by the sender.

Standing by the reception desk checking into the building on the first day, and watching this dynamic, I could feel the intent of the giving and of the receiving. It felt like a chant, beginning with Sara’s first greeting, and then expanding as each person passed through the building entrance.

Sara was giving what she knew to be the truth within her heart. She was sharing her knowing and her experience freely and ‘certainly’ openly. And, in that moment of seeing this beautiful dynamic played out, I could see and feel how the energy from the giving, and receiving of the blessing, was creating and setting the tone for the day.

The blessing was a gift given by Sara to all without expectation of outcome or return.

The energy flow and the infusion of the blessing ebbed and flowed like the current of the ocean. And, the flow of Sara’s gift expanded far and wide, just as the service of the ocean expands throughout our planet and is linked by the flow of energy.

What Sara knows and shows clearly by her intentional daily blessings, is that she is blessed. Sara knows that she is loved and blessed and therefore she knows everyone else is blessed as well. She is, in fact sharing her love, her wholeness – her sovereignty.

She possessed what she is giving.

Whenever I go into a new workplace there is a level of nervousness, or stage fright. But, after observing the Love surrounding the people coming to work that day, I couldn’t wait to get started. I couldn’t wait to share and give what I was asked to do at this organization and be open to receiving whatever experience and thus learning awaited me.

I worked with this organization many times over a five year period. And, every time I walked into the building, I looked for Sara. She was always there – blessing all who entered and setting the tone, and balancing the energy flow.

And, without exception, my experience of working with many of these ‘blessed’ people was uplifting. They are inspired, enthusiastic and fully present and engaged in their work.

I was granted a beautiful gift of experiencing the manifestation of Sara’s blessing by interacting with these people through these simple morning blessings. So, now I am sharing this blessing with you.

Edgar Cayce has been quoted as saying, “Thoughts are things, and words are deeds.” (2) And, I believe I experienced Cayce’s wise words through Sara’s gifts manifesting for the highest good of each individual and benefiting the people, their individual mission and purpose and the mission of the organization.

From a broader view, everything is One, within the oneness of the Now, as in a spiral activating, as the energy is called forth.

Everything is life and love, and simplicity in the Abundance of Life. We are Abundant Life.

What is giving and receiving and how does one integrate this ebb and flow into their lives?

We are the Consciousness of Abundance manifested through the Creative Life Force.

Have a Blessed Day!

Thank you, and the Same to You!

Thank you and I Receive it!


(1) Excerpted from A Course in Miracles (ACIM) L:187

(2) Edgar Cayce’s A.R.E., Virginia Beach, Virginia U.S.A.

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