we are the onesThis article is written by a Gaia Scene Community Forum member, username Topherdig.

We are the Ones we have been waiting for.

The Galactics are here Now!…actually the Pleiadians have been here for at least 200,000 years, says Cobra. A few weeks ago Christine Day, the Arcturians via Suzanne Lie, Cobra and Sandra Walter all stated this is the time to make a conscious effort to connect with the Galactics. For years, I have been doing just that.

This article is my adventure about what I am creating on so many different levels to make this complex connection happen. And when I say creating, I mean CREATING in an amazing, inconceivable way.

My thinking, linear mind’s sole purpose is to observe and interpret what is transpiring. The Heart, my main organ of perception, leads this process.

My intentions are not to convince you to do this my way. Or to do it all. Your way is right for you. If this inspires and you are so inclined, then consider this a synchronistic event for you and do it your way. Just as I took what these channels said and made it right for me. I hope I influence, inspire, and motivate you to proceed to move to a higher vibration and create the reality you are meant to.

We humans on the physical earth are the linchpin in Gaia’s Ascension. We are the most important part in this complex process. Without us, this cannot happen. And we must have our Multidimensional support. Without our connection with this support, without our telepathic Heart connection, we cannot raise our vibration high enough to evolve this planet.

We are ONE, and our place as 3D-operatives is to merge our different dimensional aspects so that we experience us as One. The physical body is transforming into Lightbody as a result of this merger.

I am Pleiadian. I am Arcturian. I have had many interactions with my Multidimensional Self, my 5th through 11th dimensional aspects. At first, I was unsure if this was real since it was in my imagination. I am progressively learning to trust this is as real as this chair I am sitting on. The more I imagine this, the more real it is for me.

We Wayshowers are ready. Now is the time. My Lightbody is formulating and is at a very high vibration. I KNOW I must do this NOW. I am a sprinter who has trained for years and prepared for this race. I want this race.….every cell in my body is vibrating with excitement and anticipation, needing to go all out and give this Ascension process all that I have. This is my Sole Purpose for being. I WILL NOT FAIL. I AM SUCCESSFUL NOW.

My Heart is raring to go. There is not a finish line, however in this event, there is only each Now moment. Each is incredibly amazing. Even greater than winning a race, since there is no end to this process. The levels of bliss and joy keep increasing as does the ‘new normal’.

For 4 years now, I have been following the Pleiadians via Christine Days through her workshops, books, audio files and videos. When I first started listening to her guided meditations I believed in Galactics… sort of… I was still influenced by our societal programming to think I was ‘weird’ to recognize their existence.

When I informed my brother that I was meditating with an ET channeler, he disowned me… that was okay, actually. He is a scientist. He was offended by my revelation, but I did not take it personally. I know he will come around at some point.

To listen to their message from Christine was too much for me at first. Her meditations were so powerful and effective helping me connect with my heart energy. I had to do them. I would follow the meditation and when she would speak the Pleiadian message I would tune it out. No thanks, too weird.

As the meditations were transforming me, my Heart was opening. I began to experience the Pleiadian energy, as I learned to send my Heart consciousness out, hence, there was no denying their existence.

Some of the meditations promoting telepathic communication with the Pleiadians helped me to became aware of the pre-agreements that I made with Gaia, the Pleiadians, Arcturians, and Christine before entering this incarnation. My telepathic abilities and connections became stronger.

Now I am aware of the Galactic presence in my body. I can feel them guiding me what to meditate, what to do to raise my vibration, whether it is weeding the garden, listening to music, taking a bath, watching a movie, reading a section of a book, or writing an article in this blog.

I require the Galactics assistance in raising my vibration so I can access my Heart and use it as the transforming agent. I transform my 3D earth vessel to Lightbody by sending out love from my 5D Self.

I even create catastrophes, like my pickup truck bursting into flames when I had just cancelled the insurance that morning. I learned to deal with loss and to appreciate that my daughter and I were physically safe and only mildly emotionally scarred. I needed this to learn to let go. I can still see the burning truck in my mind’s eye and can feel the trauma in my body.

All pain and trauma I create for a reason, and it is crucial for my growth. I accept that I created it. Nothing just ‘happens’ to me. Without my connection and merging into my Multidimensional Body I could not have this level of acceptance. Plus, everything that happens on this planet has purpose. WE could not be in this evolutionary process without all of the happenings.

The Arcturians via Suzanne Lie:

“We hear you asking, ‘When will this

[The Shift] happen?’ We answer you by asking, ‘When will you be ready to totally shift your perception of reality to include the higher dimensions?'”

I am NOW aware of these multidimensional aspects of myself. They allow me to not be alone any more. I am extremely confident in my abilities to transform into my Lightbody and to assist Gaia in her transformation as well. My abilities are only going to increase as we all move ahead in the Ascension process…  Where ever that takes us.

I have great gratitude for my 3D Self, and the Galactic and Multidimensional Aspects. We are a most fantastic team that is and will continue to be successful. We are determined, dedicated, and magnificent.

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