Scenics' ViewWelcome to our introduction to Gaia Scene! We welcome all who want to enter our private forum and share with us. We welcome your comments on our blog articles published on Gaia Scenics’ View blog as well.

Since this is a private forum, we ask that you sign up and set up with a personal username and choose a password. This will be your key to our shared space.

There is a process where we manually admit each member into our midst. This won’t take long, as we have a loving Space Keeper who checks this daily.

If, for any reason, you have a problem with the sign up process, you may email Andrea at (zero zero) for assistance.

We have world-wide, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week activity, with members circling the globe.

We look forward to your addition to our diversity. We find that it’s in our diversity that we get the broadest perspective, which is essential to our most profound understandings of our own experiences as well.

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Our Forum is Designed and Co-Created as Safe and Sacred Space

Our private forum is a virtual Temple space. At the foundation of this space is our guidelines, which are mostly about intending and declaring safe and sacred space and asking for good manners toward one another as one would expect when entering in a sacred space.

At each corner is Angelic support, consciously called in to assist us to hold this space as safe and sacred. We acknowledge that this virtual forum container is under the direction and protection of ArchAngel Michael, who has served as the inspiration to create this space and has been the inspiration for most of us co-creating it together to find each other and to take up these tasks and interactions in the first place.

We have forum Space Keepers who lovingly serve as moderators to ensure that our interactions on forum are conducted with good manners and mutual respect. While we, as adults having a human experience, allow conversations about everything under the Sun, we consciously and intentionally practice being personally responsible for our own experiences, honoring our diversity, along with communing and communicating in ways that are both authentic and harmless.

We moderate the forum closely, with the most compassionate and loving attention to each post and the energy we perceive is beyond the digital words displayed on the screen. Our moderators are not only experienced, having served in this capacity for years together, but also are very good energy readers as well.

We find so little to moderate most of the time. Well practiced in good manners, this gorgeous forum moderates itself. It’s become a virtual family, bonded with so much love and mutual appreciation/support as to boggle the mind. We perceive this phenomena as being the result of our adherence to our guidelines and following the simple rule of owning our own perceptions, while honoring and allowing for the perceptions of others at the same time.

Those who refuse to show good manners in interacting in our forum are first moderated and then removed, but only if they show us they have no intentions of interacting within our community according the inherent agreement to the guidelines and good manners policy they make to do so by joining. This is the only time we remove the privilege of being with us from anyone.

Literally, all are welcome without any prejudice to race, creed, color, religion, nationality, political affiliation, sexual identity preferences, or any other artificial identities that might be named and tagged on to the Divine Human Being.

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More about Gaia Scene:

Brief History of Gaia Scene as a Community

The core of Gaia Scene forum membership has been together now for going on 6 years (in March 2017).

Very briefly, the current incarnation as Gaia Scene forum was born out of a Yahoogroups email forum, originally named 2012 Scenario.

It was directly associated with the blog of the same name and was created in order to serve those who wished to share comments on the contents of that blog, since the blog founder found leaving the comments section open on the blog itself to be too time consuming to monitor.

From March in 2011 to May in 2015, the forum was active in the Yahoogroups email forum format, and also underwent a name change to Golden Gaia when the 2012 Scenario blog changed its name to Golden Age of Gaia.

In May of 2015, we changed the forum email format to the current Invision Power Board format, closing and archiving the forum at Yahoogroups. From our new format platform, we took the name of Gaia Scene, while moving into our own domain on the internet.

It was very soon thereafter that we also moved into sovereignty as a forum entity as well, taking the forum from under the wing of Golden Age of Gaia blog, managing and financing our own existence through the forum membership itself.

Our Move into Sovereignty

As the years passed since its inception, the forum’s conversations evolved to much more than just discussing the content of the blog that it sprang from.

Like the myth of the Goddess Athena being born, full grown and clad in armor, from the head of Zeus, the forum took on a life force and intelligence of its own. It’s growth has been organic and natural, the evolution of our perspectives in diversity growing together, as do our skills in communication.

Like a child that outgrows its parent’s household, the forum also outgrew its association with the blog of its birth. We began to notice more and more our own wisdom and how profound this wisdom is in our diverse community interactions.

What began as mostly sharing messages from various sources, channelers, whistleblowers and bloggers, springing from many different perspectives, came a sharp learning curve on discernment among us. We sharpen this skill set together, finding ways to integrate what we learn into our own personal navigational tools.

Birth of a Community Blog

With people from all over the world participating and sharing from deep authenticity, we found ways to understand that wisdom isn’t only ‘out there’, but also, and more importantly, inside us.

Thus, the Gaia Scenics’ View blog was born to serve as a platform to publicly share the magic we create every day in our private forum space.

We are 100% autonomous as a community and fund ourselves. What you see on the GSV blog is created by us as a group and as a family. We also network with people who create content that is consistent to our focus of human beings walking in mastery. Not all are forum members, but many are.

Please be welcome to join us and be a part of our extended family. Take part in our co-creation of sacred ways to communicate in a new paradigm. Experience what it’s like to have a virtual love-fest with us. We have a lot of fun together and also learn so much from our shared experiences too.

We look forward to meeting you soon. Be sure to announce and introduce yourself in the Namaste Section of the forum, and get big hugs and ‘welcome homes’.

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