idenity-2The most asked question at most any social event is “what do you do?” and the answer can put you at the top of guest lists with groupies in tow or hanging at the outskirts of no man’s land.

People seem to feel better when they can define you. Put you in a box that they can figure out. We have all kinds of labels for those deemed ‘undefinable’ like clueless, crazy, stupid, divergent, etc., none of which serve any loving purpose and only widen the illusory chasms that keep humanity from the fullness of infinite expression at our collective fingertips.

Assumptions based on how many words one uses or if the language is of ‘professional’ standard, does not serve the heart in any way. How much wisdom is missed when we can only see through one lens? And more so, where is the wisdom in maintaining a design that has ruled the classist mindset of the patriarchy? How does that play out in the days beyond Ascension?

This kind of marginalizing shows up in various ways — sex, class, race, even shoe size and hair texture — all of which keep the fractures between and within us. Learning to love and truly ‘honor all paths’ without judgment is the true test of heart expansion. It is how we rise.

In a world that’s been ruled by left-brain ‘mind’ focus, right- brain heart focus is often dismissed. And while it takes all hands on deck to move Gaia and humanity into the higher light, what lifts all boats comes thru the stirrings of the heart.

The effort it takes to be ones true Self ,with the pull of society to conform, is excruciating. The acceptance of the masses that ‘it’s just the way it is’ further maddening in its apathetic complicity. The delicate wiring of the multidimensional human expresses myriad imbalances when not allowed to grow according to its own nature. We can see evidence of this failing all around us.

Humans have two brains. The left and right, which function in contrasting ways, and are only complimentary when balanced. To continue to honor the patriarchal, left-brained construct over the right-brained Divine Feminine is a limiting carryover, a disempowering focus that does not serve true Oneness.

Intricate and deep societal subtleties formed over millennia, combined with the complexities of our multidimensional selves requires the ability to shift with the changing tides, if we truly seek higher consciousness. Otherwise, how will life be different? What will keep the false divisions in play today from landing us in the same undesirable, mind-based illusion in the future?

The harsh judgments and negative energetics aimed at folks who don’t ‘measure up’ or just don’t fit in, those who cannot be defined or fit into a box, keeps a ruling class mindset in play. The simplicity of truth gets lost.

I, for one, never want to be that person who will judge another based on the superficial. That’s probably kept me from ‘achieving’ more, the imbalance showing up in avoidance of certain crowds. But it’s all good from my perspective.

This has all served to reveal who I am. Beneath the hood, whether sparkly and shiny or rusted with dents, is where the magic is. How we treat others, not just on the surface, but from deep within the heart, is where the real juice is, the elixir that nurtures or diminishes the whole.

I’ve crossed paths with folks spanning the spectrum of social status, color, creed and, in my experience, the level of suffering has little to do with what’s on the surface. People are people and all any of us wants is to BE who we are, accepted and loved for just that. The homeless man reeking of whiskey and pee as well as the CEO of the Fortune 500 company. No difference that I can see except for the appearances that cover over and keep this vital gift from all.

When we take out all the hooks of comparison, the way one is ‘supposed to be’, self-love can be found.  Personally, my life has been filled with bumpy rides and mistakes, laughter (often at inappropriate times), the courage to jump when the terrain beneath the cliff was uncertain, beauty, stress, and infinitely more. I wouldn’t have it any other way. Isn’t that what life is about? If I’ve gotten it all figured out, what’s the point?

To be able to explore Self in this world without the energetic barbs of judgment could only bring out masterpieces far greater than the brilliance already evident.

If we’re creating a new reality, what parts are supposed to remain the same?

We live in realities of infinite potentials. I’m happy (finally) to have been wired such that no box could satisfy me. I’ve been invited here by Gaia to be me, without apology and the only way to mySelf is through experience, not definition. And as we move into a time burgeoning with ever expanding possibilities, I’m grateful for the opportunity to serve, and to be able to govern mySelf through heart, box-free.

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