what if

This little piece was shared by beloved Gaia Scene member Gold on our forum.  It opens the doors of imagination and is an invitation to dream big.

Thank you, Gold, for the permission to post your lovely prose here. – Devapriya

What if we are here to make a bigger shift than most people think about?

What if, when allowing ourself to change, we also allow a greater ripple effect than just the effect that touches the collective human consciousness and Gaia?

What if, what is happening here in this now, elevates the possibilities of this whole Universe?

What if the expansion of being able to ascend in human form also makes blueprints that help others ascend in their form?

What if those we perceive as beings in higher dimensions that are acting in ways we, from a human perspective, don’t see as light and love, can benefit from our experiences?

What if there suddenly opened up a gateway for ascension in form into those high dimensions that have earlier not been able to hold such dense forms like bodies?

What if these beings relaxed into a knowing that there is no longer a need to provide fear to keep the heart closed in prevention for ascension?

What if our ability to feel compassion were building this bridge for them as well as for us?

What if?

Shared with permission from Gaia Scene Forum

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