flameWhat is the Twin Flame?

Many people talk about twin flame relationships and about meeting your twin flame – as another physical person.

My twin flame is in energy only – not incarnated in another person.

I have known for several years that my twin flame is not incarnated in another human being on earth. Does that mean that love is lost? Lol.

No, honey.

It means for me, that the opportunity to find love was from within myself, first.

My Twin Flame is an Energetic Presence

I knew for some time that my twin flame was in energy. I knew that “he” was in a spirit presence.

I feel this presence as a beautiful incredibly loving energy around me. This presence is gentle, loves me for who I am, forgives any mistake or transgression, and requires me to be loving and respectful, of myself, for it to be present.

There is no Separation – The Twin Flame as The Rest of Who We Are

For the majority of human beings, the twin flame is not incarnated in another human being.

The twin flame is the rest of our energy that has not yet incarnated.

It’s the rest of who we are.

How Much of Us Versus Our Twin Flame is Incarnated?

If we are the drop, the twin flame is the rest of the ocean.

Well, maybe we are half the ocean and the twin flame is the other half.

Actually –

“The percentage of our total energy incarnated into our body and energy field varies with the level of our consciousness.” ~ Susan V Lacerra

We Incarnate in Our Fullness as We Increase Our Consciousness

By energy incarnated I mean our soul’s energy.

When we are at a low level of consciousness – we are the drop.

As we expand our consciousness and ascend in frequency – we become the ocean that includes more and more of our twin flame’s energies – because more and more of who we really are manifests within our own energy field.

We absorb ourselves into our physical body and its energy field.

We expand, energetically speaking.

In doing this, we ascend our body and energy field frequencies.

Yes, merging with the twin flame is part of Ascension.

The Twin Flame is Not a Separate Individual

For most of us, the twin flame is not a separate individual.

The Yin/Yang symbol best illustrates this concept. The two halves of the symbol represent the human and the twin.

Twin Flame Energy Formula:

soul energy incarnated in the human body + soul energy not incarnated, or, human incarnation + twin flame energy,

= equals wholeness, or, the sum of who we are.

This is the fullness of who we really are – our soul’s energy fully incarnated in this universe.

Merging with Our Twin Flame Energy

We can incorporate the fullness of who we are into this human incarnation.

When we do so, we merge with our twin flame energy while in form, while we are in this human body.

When we do so, our energy inside feels like “one” – the intense longing is healed, because we have found our soul’s “mate”, within.

It’s an interesting aspect of the physics of personal energy. But when we ascend in frequency – when we raise up our consciousness – we do it by going deeper, within.

And when we go within – we align with our heart frequencies, we begin to live our heart’s desire and walk our soul’s path, we express our soul purpose.

How can we not be love doing this?

How can it be that love does not find us?

Yes, love does.

Because like resonates with like.

The physics of our energy field and body changes when we are fully aligned with love for ourselves and when we take actions that love and honor ourselves. And people who deeply resonate with our true selves, and who love us at this same deep level, show up in our lives.

Yes this can be a partner, but it is also family, extended family, soul family, friends, companions, work mates.

Our lives become richer because of the love we shared with our Self, first.

This has been my path of spiritual awakening, and of awakening to Love.

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