ascensionreachI pulled this article from a reply to a thread in the Gaia Scene forum. The conversation turned to the question of what do folks think Ascension means. These were my comments.

In my view, spiritual vocabulary is, at this time, needing a major upgrade. We bandy about words, but mostly, none of us have any clue if we’re talking in the same realm at all.

Words like Ascension, lightworker, good and evil, light and dark, cabal, Illuminati, devil, demon, angel, Ascended Master, devas, elementals, vasana, shadow, ego, archon, galactics, and probably many more I can’t think of right now, are decoded in many different ways among us. Perhaps it’s time to define them anew?

I also know my personal decodings of words and concepts are changing all the time. The obvious expansion of perception and awareness in me has shifted the meanings to me in significant ways, in the past 4 or 5 years, particularly. If I try to think back to what meanings they had for me then, I can barely recognize those concepts as being anything I might have thought, ever.

It’s interesting how this is so. But since this is my authentic experience, and nothing about he said/she said; regardless of the source, or the supposed ‘authority’ of the source, or the longevity of the source (as in ancient texts), I put my personal experience first in line for consideration.

Who defines for me what is real and what has meaning or value? Who defines what those meanings are? Why I do, of course!

I listen with interest and respect to what others have to share about their perceptions. Though this is a secondary consideration to my own understanding and perception, it still comes above any information coming from ‘not-now’, i.e.., the past.

I find there are so many validations of my own perceptions. Sometimes this comes by being similar and sometimes the validation comes in contrast, but either way, it’s among my peers that I find a way to home in on my own experiences and understand more deeply what it is I’m perceiving. Thank you all for your participation!

As to the meaning of Ascension, hmmm. I find I don’t care too much to fret over it one way or the other. It’s a word that doesn’t find purchase in my world, as I haven’t a clue what it means in the broadest reality.

I hear tell that it means transmuting the physical body into a ‘light-body’. I hear that it means shifting from ‘3D’ into ‘5D’, but all this is foggy and vague (to me), and I have trouble grounding it into my authentic experiences.

I’m a philosophical being and like to consider what’s being said, but at the end of the day, I’m all about focusing on here and now and where that is in my own perception. If and when there is evidence to point to anything said about Ascension, I like to consider it, of course.

I think there is a whole lot of evidence for the expansion of consciousness, for mass awakening, for intense and increasing energies, for expansion of perceptions in the human sensory range, and many other hints that have been around for a long time to point to this process.

What I think I’ve been seeing evidence of for a long time now is a process. I feel being IN (within) the process has made it seem like nothing’s happening, changes are happening slowly, or perhaps, everything is ready to pop any second, depending on which individual point of perception we may reference.

Perception itself is fluid, and in my view, the Shift is in the process of happening, and how this is experienced is all about the shifting in personal perceptions, which doesn’t happen until individuals are ready to shift. I think the current energies support this shifting like never before.

Of course, my ‘never before’ isn’t the end all of anything, but only a statement of what I’m currently capable of remembering. This remembering is a vital piece to this puzzle, at least it is for me. In the process of expanding my personal perceptions, I’ve become more and more aware.

If I were pressed to share my personal view of what Ascension means, this would be it…

Nowhere to go. We’re it and we’re doing it now. No destination other than be here now.

No goal, as the destination, from my limited understanding, is vast, and the whole point is to transverse the territory, and is not in reaching anywhere, or becoming anything.

No place is more important than here. There is no other time than now. Here is everywhere, and now is every when. We already are, and have always been what this supposed ‘destination’ is all about.

Therefore, in my view, the Ascension model, and the process it entails, is essentially happening in the shifting of perception. This is the basis of it, from what I can say I have some personal experience with.

I think there’s a huge amount of hacked or highjacked information out there designed specifically to keep folks from honoring their own experiences and perceptions as real and as true. It’s ridiculous really, and about as counter-intuitive as you can go, but what a great way to force people into looping ignorance, and keep them forever searching for what is already in our laps and eternally true, no matter what we may be capable in any given moment of perceiving about it.

Ascension, what is it, if it isn’t remembering our Divinity? What happens when Divinity awakens and remembers Itself? Conscious or unconscious, Divinity permeates everything in the Universe. By the very nature of this Everything, it’s highly vital with life-force; Source Energy is alive and creative, endlessly and eternally.

Therefore, the process or the journey that happens when this awakening is going on, is, to me, the Ascension journey.

It amuses me when people speak of Ascension as if it’s a destination. Journey back to Source, LOL! When, from what I understand, there’s no way to not be connected to, or in the Heart of Source, for if this were to occur, existence would cease. It hasn’t ceased, so I see this as clear evidence that Source is present at all levels of existence. Let’s stop being silly about this obvious fact.

We’re it, folks! We’re there! Shift into this remembrance, and the foggy and silly s**t begins to dissolve very quickly. The expansion never ends, and there’s no rush for it to.

Enjoy the journey, because that’s the whole point of making it.

Taken with permission from Gaia Scene community forum

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