Paying Attention to Saint Brigid

February 2nd is the start of the New Year in Gaelic (Irish) tradition, marking Imbolc or St Brigid’s Day. On this first weekend in February, I experienced a wonderful blessing and unexpected fortune, when I had lunch with an old friend who is a devotee of the divine feminine and adores St. Brigid, also known as the Irish goddess Brigid.

It was one of those coincidences that leads to insights we aren’t expecting. And sure enough, I also noticed that this very same day a girl named Brigid was at my home visiting.

So I decided to pay attention. Something was happening here that my inner guidance asked me to perceive, some suggestion. Maybe an answer to my prayers.

I dug into researching St. Brigid to learn the meaning of her life and what she represents, to see what I might learn.

St Brigid, Brigid's Cross, IrelandAn Eye to See With

I found that the way St. Brigid lived her life was a role model for me. She was a powerful and strong woman while remaining a very feminine woman. She knew her passion and stood firm within her purpose.

Brigid convinced her father to allow her not to marry, and she convinced a king to give her land for her first monastery. She built monasteries all over Ireland, places of worship and inner reflection, of working simply on the land. After a time, people in high station from all over Ireland came to see her and speak with her.

But it was her trust, her knowing, her commitment and devotion to that God-given, divinely inspired passion within her that impressed me. Everything in her life came from this well spring of passion fueled through her own inner divinity, and her willingness to listen and embody these wisdoms. This inner connection seemed to give her a kind of grace and protection.

A key test in her life happened when she had to take a stand and show her commitment to pursuing the life of spiritual service. She damaged her own eye so as to be unattractive to any suitor, to allow her to focus upon her purpose of serving God with devotion. Later, when her course was set, she put her hand over her eye and it healed, miraculously.

Coincidences Confirm Brigid’s Message

An interesting coincidence happened.

I was in a state that day as well, because my head was pounding from thoughts going ’round and ’round. And my whole of my being was centered on these questions:

What do I do with my life? Is my chosen direction really what is best for me? Is this direction truly reflective of my inner purpose? Should I continue upon the path I have spent much time and effort developing and achieving?

My passion had guided me here, to developing my work on this journey that is my life. Yet, I wanted to know:

What is truly my Soul’s passion?

All of this was swirling in my mind, as my dear friend showed me her special Irish and St. Brigid memorabilia, and shared her beloved angel and healing memories. I felt lifted by the wonderful memories and energies that she was sharing.

I had an appointment to have my neck and my back worked on, when the most surprising thing happened. I put my hand to my eye, and suddenly it was burning like fire and I jumped up, sheets wrapped all around me like a crying statue, crying it hurts, it hurts and wishing for tears to wash away whatever was in my eye.

Some of the ointment must have clearly gotten into my eye, but how that was possible was beyond me, and in years of body working I’ve never experienced something so dramatic!  Later, when I read that Brigid had damaged her own eye, it was just another sign that her life experience was to be a guide for me.

I realized that the core questions I had were all answered in the way she lived her life. She knew her Soul’s passion and she trusted in it and acted on it. What an incredible woman and what an incredible role model.

How St. Brigid Lived Her Life:

Passion and Devotion Grows our Seed and Manifests our Dreams

  • Brigid knew her passion and inner guidance and had complete trust.
  • Brigid chose to live a life dedicated to God and she acted in alignment with this choice.
  • Brigid obtained the freedom to pursue her path.
  • Brigid worked hard, drew together friends and supporters, and got to work building her monasteries and living her life.

How We Can Use St. Brigid’s Life as Guidance

  • Learn your passion. When you discover it, it will be like a fire within you, a passion with no mental reason for being. Follow your  inner guidance to bring this passion to life. Have complete trust in your own God-given, divinely inspired, guidance from your Soul.
  • The source of our passion comes from our inner connection with our own Soul. Make the conscious choice to align with your Soul purpose fully. Do everything you can to support fulfilling this action. This is a co-creation, so you are an equal with this Soul energy coming through you. As a human being, you are the honored temple of your Soul. You carry it’s service, it’s love, it’s reason for being in the here and now. Honor your own role through devotion to caring for you and loving yourself as a vessel for divinity and as a vessel for humanity.
  • Know that the freedom to pursue your path comes from that wellspring of inner guidance and passion within you. Follow the inspired promptings from within to find the path of your own Soul. Ask for the freedom to pursue this path and notice when opportunity guides you. You will be granted the opportunity to make other choices. Take a stand in alignment with how you are guided, within.
  • Allow yourself to have friends and community that also supports the vision of your Soul, but honors who you are as a human being. Have fun too and love well in whatever way this expresses for you, because joy at the foundation of human life. Take the time to connect within and to honor and grow this connection. Get together with your friends and supporters and work on mutual tasks and support each other in your individual projects and opportunities. Love and relationship, with ourselves first, and then with others, is core to being human. This love is what we take with us, what remains with us, throughout time. The very substance of love for God and our Soul, for ourselves and our friends and family are living embodiments honoring the Divine in human living.

A Message Comes Clearly

That night after studying St. Brigid, I felt so much love for her, and for how she lived her life. I simply intended to honor her memory in a loving way, and lit a candle at my statue of Mary, which was a gift from my time in Ireland.

I could see I was being guided to trust myself, to follow my path whatever it was with devotion. Although the details had not been confirmed for me, I was grateful for the magical experiences of the day. Finally, I felt hope and calm.

That night as I dreamed of adventures that might pull me this way or that, I found resolution. At the end of my dreaming, I was asked if I wished to stay in that kind of life. I knew, in that moment, that this was absolutely not for me. And as I declined, I spoke strongly of my purpose in my life. And at that moment I began to awaken, amazed at the strength of my statement.

I had my answer. I knew my purpose. Suddenly, in my waking vision, a door opened in the dream and golden light began pouring through. A lion appeared before me and he began walking through the doorway. I said I am going this way, got onto the golden lion, and went through the doorway filled with light.

Love, Susan


Image of St. Brigid (Bride) carried by angels is St Bride by Jon Duncan, sourced from Wikipedia (Brigid of Kildare), image is public domain art over 70 years old, photographic images are by Zacwill and Stephencdickson as Creative Commons 4.0 (free) license.

Image of St. Brigid’s Cross by Culnacreann, sourced from Wikipedia (Brigid’s Cross), Creative Commons (free) license 3.0.

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