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Recently, I had a conversation about this – about knowing your passion, and about remaining in detachment.

And the question was: Would choosing to take action on one’s passion be better than staying in a detached state?

When Do You Make the Shift From Detachment to Action?

I found myself flailing in the feeling that I couldn’t communicate what I was feeling.

So, I thought that I would write about it here.

Because, I was feeling that detachment doesn’t have to mean not acting.

What I feel is that when we act from our passion, in a heartfelt way, we can leave open the space for unexpected and fortuitous outcomes.

Is Your Passion in Alignment with Your Highest Outcomes?

I guess that it’s important to define passion.  For me, my passion is the true desire and direction in which my heart guides me.  Only I can know this truth, for me.

This is in alignment with my Soul path, and thus, with my highest outcomes.  This is in alignment with my highest good.

I have ways of checking in with myself about the answers I am receiving.  And, I find, that we each come to our own way of this inner communication.

Getting a Clear Connection to What We are Passionate About

As our heart opens, as we let our woundings fall away, the path of our heart’s passion, becomes clearer, and clearer.

For me, it rings, like a bell.

Once I know, once I am clear, about what I want, for me this is where the concept of detachment comes in.

Declaring An Outcome 

I declare to my highest self what is the outcome I desire.  Many people say: ‘this, or better’ as a way of being in detachment about the delivery of the outcome.

What I have found, is that when I set my request within; when I set my intention, and then let go of specific outcomes, then, I receive in amazing ways.

Many times, this is beyond what I could have ever expected.

My Dog’s Life

I’ll give you an example in how I got my dog.  He is so different from my previous dog; a royal, loyal, rule following, protective, German Shepherd.  That dog was no-nonsense, all the way.  And, he was my constant companion.

After he passed, I knew that I wanted a new dog, but I kept saying, no, it’s not time.  Having a dog was in alignment with my heart’s passion. But, I missed Bello too much, and it hurt so much to loose him, to want to take the risk.

Months went by, and I saw a neighbor advertising for a dog walker, and following my guidance (the tap on my shoulder) of my angels and the whispers of my heart, I responded and said I was available. How surprised was I, when I was chosen for the job above people who actually had ‘official’ dog walking experience.

I needed my dog time.  And, I wanted that unconditional loving acceptance that is the joy a dog offers.

Four months of training him later, his owner asked if I would take him.

I had already fallen in love with him, but, I also loved that he lived at someone else’s house.  The thought of taking on a dog again was overwhelming.  Yet, he pushed on me with his paws, and he tilted his head, and he looked me in the eyes.

And my heart said, “Do it”.

Take the risk.

Follow your passion.  Have your love.

Acting on Your Passion, Means Being Willing to Take the Risk 

Acting on your passion, means taking the risk, that you will have what you move in the direction towards.  And, I’m here to say that that’s actually not the point, is what I’ve found.

What transpires, because I took that step, always surprises me.

When Do You Choose, Action?

At the beginning, the thought of acting on your passion can be terrifying.

You can be hurt, again.  You can fall in love and you can lose that love.  You can be criticized, or you can be ridiculed.

You can live your life in fear, until the discomfort builds to the point that your desire for change makes you fear no longer.

That is what I did.

That’s when we relegate fear to the way back seat of the car.

That is when I know when to act now.  When my heart is rising up and saying ‘do this’, so much that feeling the risk and the fear melt away.

Moving Towards Your Passion, While Remaining in Detachment – How Does That Work?

Over years I have developed the confidence to act this way, and let me tell you, it wasn’t easy.  I was always a goals-driven, type uber-A person.  It took hitting bottom, emotionally, and making the choice to change, inside, that showed me the principles that I live by.

Here is the secret that I learned:  Moment to moment, all is always well.  How I came to see that is a longer conversation.

I have learned to take the time to see the big picture – in the moment.  I have learned to take the time to feel… grateful.

I have taken the risk to live with my heart open.

Trust, and faith.  Developing these ‘muscles, has been my answer….

My Dog is Perfect, For Me

I didn’t know much about my dog, when I said yes to receiving him from his previous owner.  I only knew what was important.

I went on gut, and intuition.  I went on how my heart felt love.

He is a hunting dog. And, he is a rascal.

My dog is perfect for me in ways that I could never have anticipated.  He loves to hug.  He’s okay hanging on the couch all day.  He will go out and walk with me at a moment’s notice.  He is quiet, in the house.  He is beautiful.  He’s my dear friend, and companion.  He likes to take naps, together.  He lies down at my feet when I meditate.  He bugs me to play and he makes me laugh with his antics.

At first, he would drag me around until I felt like crying.  So I bucked up, got a backbone and a proper leash and collar, and got him to walk with me.

At first, he ran all over the property in wide circles, seeming to laugh and smile, and doing what he wanted.  So, I got organized, created some rules, and now we live by them.

I never had a dog sleep on the bed, so I would make him get down. And him, being a rascal, snuck back up while I was sleeping.

He taught me how to relax, how to hug with abandon.  I can hug him as hard as I try, and he is absolutely, fine.

He taught me to laugh.  He taught me that putting what I’m passionate about first matters.

He taught me to make sure to have fun.

He barked at everyone, and I was frustrated that I would never meet new friends this way, and consigned myself to walking my dog, alone.  Until, my dog choose to behave with just one person.

Like I said, he’s a rascal, and I’ve come to the conclusion, that these dogs know what they are doing, lol.

What We Receive is in Our Highest Outcome

We take the risk, and follow our heart.  We take a small step in that direction.

And another.  One by one.

This is how I live my life now, day by day.

Sometimes, I keep my head down, and just keep going.  These are the days when I feel into trusting, trusting in divinely plotted outcomes.

And I find that I receive beyond what I could ever have imagined.

Choosing To Say Yes to Love

I couldn’t have predicted these bonuses of choosing to say yes to receiving my dog into my life.

How would I summarize, when do we say yes, to following our passion?

I’d equate it with saying yes to love.

I mean this in every aspect of living.

Where the Detachment Comes In

Saying yes to love brings us outcomes beyond what we could have imagined.  And, that is where the detachment comes in.

Detachment creates the space for receiving.  Detachment creates the space for our heart, and our inner guidance to begin to operate.

Detachment means you can receive in ways your mind never would have dreamed of.  Your heart knows the secrets of these ways.

It means being willing to meet what comes with openness, and with wonder.

And, in the moment, we then look at what is presented through all the machinations of our guidance, and our angels, then, we get to choose again.

We can choose again in the direction where love guides our being.

These are the little steps along the way.

Choosing to  Walk Our Path Guided by Our Own Love, Within

This love appears outward, but it really stems from loving ourselves, first, deep within.

It is not as much as it is about another person, place or thing, although these can become the focus of our love and our action. I am talking about choosing to live from our own love for who we are, and then, expressing that love outward.

This is love properly applied.  It is love in balance with the self.  And then, in harmony with the other.

This is how it works for me.

We do not necessarily know the result of taking that any particular step, in the direction of our love.

But, if we take a step at all, let it be guided by love.

This is how I act from my passion.

~ Susan V Lacerra

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