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It was a long time, coming.

When I learned, how to receive your love.


When I learned, how to feel.

How to feel your caring, for me.


Caring that is a reflection, of my own ability to care.

Attention that is a reflection, of my own desire to notice.


When I let you shower me with kindness,

that is how;

how I received your love.


Because, I had cared about me.

Because, I had cared about feeling, love.

Because, I had cared enough, to practice.

And, I learned to receive my love for me.


Oh, I know, how to love,

how to shower the receiver.


Fully expressing the depth of my heart’s passion,

means that I’m receiving, too.


Like a transmitter, looking for a radio.

Like a wave, searching for the shore.


I get to be the beneficiary,

of your caring; of your attention.


I get to soak that in.

Like relaxing into a wet hot bath;

and letting go;

and sinking in, and going, ‘ah’.


I get to give you the pleasure

of an outlet for your love.


I get to give you the satisfaction

of knowing your passion is felt,

by someone other than you.


I get to shine in the energy

that is between us, dancing.


That is how, I learned to receive;

how I learned to receive, your love.


~ Susan V Lacerra

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