When Your World Turns Upside Down

Oh Panic, what do you do? When your world turns the wrong way up, I can tell you what not to do, do not try to drink a glass of water whilst upside down! Not unless you want a long term nose drip.

All around you it seems as though the wheels have fallen off a once comfortable lifestyle. Your path in life clear and untrammeled by lack of what is called abundance in any of it’s forms.

So, was the tiny aggressor planted by nasty people wanting to bring harm to the beautiful people? Was it the result of a snake that fell in love with a bat and their kids thought that they would have a bit of fun with the Humans?

Whatever the cause, favourite coffee shops closed. You went to the shop and a lot of grocery item were conspicuous by their absence.

In some nation’s trains, it looked like they were filled with bank robbers going to work. Imagine a carriage full of eyeballs, well-dressed of course…

I ask then , why are you hanging by your toenails from a tree in the Park?

Oh. I see, you had a nice home, with nice clothes in a nice wardrobe, a nice car in a nice garage, a nice job and a wonderful education. Now, like smoke, it has all blown away and you are scared, anxious, angry and have this desire to THUMP someone, but who? You were secure dammit, now, who knows.

Whilst hanging around contemplating a huge mortgage, big car payment and (oh, horror) a Credit Card that was once your ticket to the good things with upgrades, you suddenly had a remember session! As the blood rushed to your head, you recalled a fragment of channeling, we were told this would be a time of cleaning out the thoughtless, careless and greedy while the playing fields were leveled.

WHY. WHY. WHY? What did i do to deserve this torment, you cry. IT’s just not FAIR!

You have a life, what’s not fair about that? That was/is a precious gift, which for most people comes with a full set of add ons, like a brain/head to keep it in. The eyes that hang around in front (with NO additional costs), you get to see the magnificence of our home and She doesn’t even collect rent. The two flaps called ears listen to classical music all day. The music of the wind, rain on the leafs, birds telling of their love for the nest, eggs and the mates and the sea in all her moods, so on and on it goes. Some unfortunate people have either worn them out or didn’t bring them on arrival.

Legs, hands, voices, teeth are free downloads. So, brothers and sisters, now tell me ‘it isn’t fair’. Oh yes, I almost forgot to mention the greatest free gift of all. Your soul. That thing that rattles around inside of you and helps with decision making, compassion, justice, connection and LOVE.

I have been told it has a tiny spark of the Creator just like the TV Ads that say, ‘But wait, there’s more’. Again, we all got it for free, with a full set of now forgotten instructions on how the thing works.

We try so hard to recall stuff we didn’t know we had forgotten. The internet generates so many light-globe moments, as a friend and mentor tells me, the information from talented and timely sources helps to join the dots.

I have to say that I agree with you, it’s a mess, but using someone else’s words of wisdom, ‘This to0 shall pass’. Let us hope that it removes the garbage and leave us all with a bright shiny new future full to overflowing with love, light and laughter

Now, will you come down out of that tree, thank him for his patience, hugs are in order (from a proper distance?), then off you go with a bounce in your step and trust in your heart.

Written for Gaia Scenics’ View

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