choosingWhy can’t the Messengers tell the time??

They are so far in advance of we temporary humans that we can just make out their tail lights somewhere in the far off distance. At least we hope that’s what it is, and not just those cat’s eye thingies on the lane markers.

We know they love us, otherwise they would be off on vacation, instead of following us around with a mop and bucket, cleaning up some of our little mistakes.

Some of the intermediary’s (channels) convey messages of glowing futures, complete with an extraordinary brain, heart pouring out great love, and wading through mountains of moolah (money).

We can be exhorted to watch-do-wait-hurry-read-talk-meditate and listen all together and at the same time… lol, yep, they expect miracles, minute by minute. Boy, oh boy, do we bust a valve trying what they suggest. Then we are told by them, ‘Laugh, be happy, you are so powerful, we stand in awe of you.’

They tell us waves of all sorts of stuff are arriving-are here-were here last week and in a concerned manner tell us, ‘That’s why you are tired, or flu-ey’. (They may sound like a laringeal Computer with a staccato North American accent….lol!)

Sometimes I feel like a pink flamingo standing on one leg in a lake, not quite sure what will be under the other one when I uncoil it. Mostly, I am so gleeful to be involved in all this boots on the ground business. My grin gets so big, my only worry is my ears will fall into my mouth!

So you ask, what is the point of all of the above? I’ll answer that now.

Angelics, Galactics, at least once a week tell us it’s coming, and at least once a week they are asked WHEN? ‘Oh, we don’t use your time!’

We can tell the time, when the big hand is on You-know-the-drill. They are brilliant entities, so WHY CAN’T THEY TELL THE TIME?

They can ask Dawn! Free reciprocal lessons here!

Written for Gaia Scenics’ View



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