wokeStay ‘Woke’

I woke to the collective dream a long time ago.

This phrase ‘woke’ has arisen now to become a collective or cultural icon, a sign of the current times. Like a secret handshake of sorts, the magic decoder ring in my cereal box.

While I enjoy the raw sentiment of this woke metaphor, it also amuses me at the same time. 

Don’t get me wrong, woke is good. Better than sleepwalking in the nightmare, for sure. Though it sure enough fails to feel better, as we all know.

Still, there is the secret handshake aspect to consider. At least this gets one into the ‘club’. The woke club fist bump, lol, congratulations! 

The Rabbit Hole Goes Deep and is Not New

So, welcome to the rabbit hole. How deep (and wide) do you wanna go? There is so much to explore and discover. Good luck finding the bottom or the ‘origins’ or the extents of all the threads entangled here. No matter how far we go, it just keeps on going…

Woke is a level of being aware of and knowing information which has been around for a long, long time. Hidden in plain sight, as they say. For a segment of us, we woke to much of what is coming to the surface now, ten, twenty or even 30 years ago. A few in the generations before us woke up too. 

On this journey of discovery is plenty of evidence that what I’m saying is so. So, woke is good, along with a bit of levity too for that matter. 

Woke is a Birthing

Woke has come to mean being aware of a whole range of funk. Ranging through and through our shared realities is corruption and yes, even a whole lot of derangement. The levity or humor about this same woke process is a balm to the corrosiveness of being woke to what is unthinkable and frankly may be difficult to believe at first.

Like being woken after deep sleep and being rudely pulled from a warm and comfy bed, the woke process brings on an understandable range of irritated, confused and angry feelings. It’s natural and right to feel any and all of these feelings, by the way. It’s a part of the process and can’t be skipped over.

These feelings are signs of our humanity, of our inherent divinity. To not be enraged, confused, disappointed or even depressed when faced with realities like human slavery and pedophilia, with systemic corruption in governments, institutions and charities, with the exposure of lies so primal being exposed everywhere, even in our most cherished spiritual and religious spaces; that would be inhuman. 

The rightful feelings of betrayal are epic, and rightly so. So, I’m saying it’s right to feel what is normal and natural here. To feel all this in its entirety and until it runs its course.

It’s a form of Holy Spiritual Fire that we feel. It’s a purification and a blessing, reminding us we are human and alive and are spiritual beings, not mindless slaves, victims or bots within an artificial system.

From Woke to Awake

There is a natural diversity in how long it takes to become really awakened after deep sleep. Some people do this in a matter of moments. Others (like me) take a half hour or even more. During this ‘buffer’ zone, my husband knows not to speak to me much, unless absolutely necessary. LOL. 

It takes me a bit of time to come to myself again and completely out of the dream. In the meantime, if pressured or feeling stressed or rushed, I may get aggravated or even aggressive in a knee jerk response. God help anyone who wakes me in a violent manner, I could even attack them before I know what happened. 

This is actually a very good metaphor for the awakening process I see going on right now. Being woke (or savvy to the cheats, scams and nasties) doesn’t mean awake yet and prepared for the day to come. As in prepared to deal with anything from a balanced state of being.

I say this with all my compassion in play. I find it useless to bash, blame or ridicule anyone for where they are in this process of woke to awake. I’m just riffing on what I’m observing here to point out there IS a process unfolding, and to suggest we all could consider what it is. With compassion, with a bit of patience too.

Beyond Woke and Being Awake

There is a state of being beyond ‘woke’. I call it being awake, but we could phrase it many ways, it really doesn’t matter. Whatever we call it, it calls for us to not only come out of the sleepy dream (or nightmare, as it were), but to wake up to ourselves and our role in the unfoldment happening at this time.

Being woke for decades now, I’m past the point of the knee jerk response stage. I’ve worked through the disappointment, rage, confusion, and even the depression too. 

Oh, I still feel my humanity and my inherent divinity. This is my blessing and my challenge, so I don’t deny any of it. Instead, I own it utterly. It’s no longer driving me though. It sustains me as the spiritual fire in my blood and in my soul. It’s the fuel I carry for making it through the long passage. It’s the endurance factor for the marathon of this collective migration out of insanity and ruin.

Being awake has challenged me to move out of reactive mode and into responses that spring from my inner wisdom and my deepest personal values. I own up to my creator abilities in whatever collective dream I find myself in.

Here and Now and Who is Responsible?

Running off the shockingly intense charge of becoming aware and woke to this collective insanity that’s been going on hidden in plain sight takes however long it takes.

However, sooner or later, most of us run off the excessive charge and intense feelings, coming to the place of some possibility of locating ourselves once again in the here and now.

Once the gambit is run of ‘finding the perps’ and cursing the funk, the finding of the self again is possible, but not until then. 

In terms of the question, ‘who is responsible?’, there are two levels of this.

‘Who is responsible?’ can be read as ‘who are the perpetrators of the wrongdoings?’ This is the woke phase of untangling the avalanche of information about the funk, no matter which branch of funk we may be focusing on in the moment.

The level I’m suggesting is a secondary part of the awakening process is to ask ‘who now is responsible in any kind of practical fashion for what comes next?’ 

There is only one reasonable and practical answer to this question. That would be me.

I cant’ be responsible for anyone else but me, so all that kind of thinking is just a squirrel chasing its tail in the cage of my mental gymnastics. All attempts to think like this just circles back around to me again, so let’s save all that wasted energy and go right to the source, leaving the woke phase and working into the awake phase now.

Being Awake and Creating With Responsibility

So. I’m talking about locating myself within our collective dreamscape of realities. Whatever they are. Starting from right here and now.

Who am I within this context? Where are my responsibilities in this moment? What am I creating? What can I create here?

Is the funk I find in this world worthy of the best of me? Can I create beauty amid an avalanche of filth and funk? How do I devote my energies in each moment?

These are examples of the kind of questions that only appear in the awake phase, and may only be answered in the most deeply authentic and personal ways. There is no right way to answer them. We all have our own abilities (read as response-abilities) to define what has the most value to each of us.

How may I make the most of my talents and abilities and apply them to what I hold as having the most value and meaning in my life?

This is the essence of the question so many of us are contemplating right now. And there are a great diversity of answers, just like there is great diversity among us. 

Collective Consciousness Migration and Movement

The metaphor of the Great Migration of our collective consciousness from sleep-walking to awakening is in full throttle at this time. It’s stirring up a mighty cloud of proverbial dust and chaos too.

As a collective, our human consciousness field is like a migration of a mighty herd. Where we individually are located in this migration is of less concern than the fact that this sacred migration of collective awareness takes place. 

The time it takes for the main ‘body’ of the herd to make it to the proverbial lands of nourishing grasslands and the Holy Water Hole is also of less concern than the fact that this is what is unfolding right now.

Where we locate ourselves as individuals, be it at the head of the migration or the middle or the tail end, we still represent a portion of this proverbial migration of consciousness.

No one is being left out here, in my estimation. We find our way together. And it takes however long it takes.

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