women on topThese days, shortly before the US elections, I constantly stumble upon a collective outcry for ‘Women on top!’.

While I get it that this call is fused by a desire for the Divine Feminine, to take over the lead from the distorted masculine’s reign, I wonder why people be-lie-ve that electing certain women into office would bring about a positive change.

As a German citizen, I’ve been ‘blessed’ with female leadership for the past 11 years. Every day, I see that things haven’t become better under her government. On the contrary…

Having watched women in power positions my entire life, one thing became clear to me: in order to climb the ladder in a male dominated hierarchical system, a woman has to be more male, more tough and left-brained than the toughest men around her. Just think Margaret Thatcher (former PM of UK) and you get the picture.

I’m reminded of the 80s when Rajneesh inspired his people to build a community in Oregon. He put the commune lead in the hands of women and moved into silence, not speaking for two years, quietly watching the scenario unfold.

In the end, it was the women who had guns in their hands, violated the law and played all kinds of power games to establish their lead and dominate the will of others.

It doesn’t bring positive change to move the reins from the hands of the distorted masculine to the distorted feminine. ‘Women on top’ is not the better choice just because a face is that of a woman.

Do we really want women in suits, playing the ‘big boys game’?

They’re tough cookies, folks, not representatives of the feminine element; they’re on top simply because they play the ‘big boys game’ better than the boys do.

As long as a woman expresses her male qualities in a violating, suppressing, destroying way – the distorted male on the war path – instead of being a steward and caretaker, I take every bet that she’ll do more harm that a man in that position.

squeezeShe’ll do it because she’s learned to bite harder and deeper; and because she uses her (distorted) female power of smiling us numb while she squeezes our balls. (Mind you, I live in a female body, but energetically I perceive many woman’s games as nut-cracking.)

Real Female Leadership Looks Different

I’d rather encounter a real shark over a shark in a dolphin’s skin. (And please don’t take this remark as an election advise^^.)

My country’s chancellor is such a masked shark, who’ll most probably run for her 4th term next year. The German folk soul – old soul, tired and bored – will most probably elect her again as she’s a good keeper of the status quo.

Fortunately, in Germany, we have a system with many political parties; no party had a majority during the past decades, thus, whoever gets elected, can only govern in coalition with other parties. At least this gives us a feeling of democracy.

The US American folk soul is, from my point of view, a collective teenage soul. While teenagers tend to play with their muscles out there in the world and try to prove that they’re great and the best, they also have a freshness and sense of adventure old folks don’t have anymore.

When they’re conscious, they can bring huge beneficial change.

As far as I understand the US system, voters for this election have several choices. They can vote for the mask, Clinton, or for the mirror, Trump. They can also vote Independent or Green, or they can write-in a candidate of their choice.

I’ve heard many voices state that every vote to an alternative candidate is a lost vote in this two-party system, thus dangerous.

I’ve also heard that, with 538 electoral votes total, in order to be elected President of the USA, a candidate must win 270 electoral college votes. Which translates to my uneducated ears as votes to alternative candidates not being lost but preventing all candidates from winning the required 270 votes. Which could turn out pretty interesting…

Last, but not least, I’ve read in the New York Times that only 9% of all voters selected Trump or Clinton as their nominees, and 88 million Americans, eligible to vote, didn’t vote at all. Imagine only one third of them participating now and taking an alternative stand. A landslide could be the outcome which might inspire huge changes.

This election, more than any of those I’ve observed before, seems to be a fight between opposing archetypes: feminism vs. patriarchy, mask vs. mirror, secret shadow vs. open shadow, status quo vs. change.

Even from the other side of the big pond I sense a hopelessness, a frustration, about being forced to choose for ‘the lesser evil’.

Various Choices

From my point of view, this is not an either/or game, there are more choices.

To those who answer, ‘You’re not even American, that’s none of your concern!’, my response is, If your president goes to war, it usually happens in my neighborhood, not yours. When the US stops ‘defending’ its nation outside of its own country’s borders, I’ll stop being concerned about who’s going to be president.

From a liberal point of view, after an Afro-American president, a woman on top almost seems like a logical consequence. I truly wish though that a majority of the people are intelligent, able to look behind the obvious, and are capable of choosing a new path.

Whatever the outcome of these elections, I have a feeling as if the next US president’s not going to be in office for long. Big shifts are on the horizon, and sooner or later (with Clinton rather later) they’re going to dawn and surprise us.

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