There’s this big dream you have, and it goes something like this. When you can, you will house the homeless, feed the hungry and provide medical support all over the world. Oh yes, Gaia fits in there somewhere.

The dream is talked about, planned in detail, tweaked, refined and hatched.

In your mind’s eye, you clearly see yourself in the handing over the keys to the accommodation village ceremony, backing the first truckload of foodstuffs into the canteen kitchen, and watching the remote area medical Bus drive off. What a buzz!

This is a world-wide dream, save the children, twitch your nose and land mines dissolve. Families reunited. Oh boy, does it taste good.

Then one day you find a TV news piece about a pair of youngsters. They are making low cost weather resistant, self-contained one and two bedroom cottages, Then the Tesla people stretch the solar power concept. Smaller power bills mean more money for other essentials.

Ordinary people are using the road reserve footpath to grow community food stuff, freely available to the locals and the local councils are aiding the community.

So what has happened to your part of the action?

Absolutely nothing went wrong, your BIG DREAM manifested. From your thoughts to the drawing board, head and heart combined to seed the actions.

You twitched YOUR nose and the Universe scratched it for you. How cool is that?

Now you will have to believe how powerful you really are when galvanizing a Universe into action! Only takes a DREAM in the fullness of your heart and you did it!

For years, we have been pumped up with the truth of our potential and now we can say, it has been an interesting ‘ oh yeah’ experience.

The Dream still has a long way to go before it is completed, that is very evident.

Look around at the quality and quantity of support we are getting, it proves YOU don’t have to do it all yourself.

All they ask in return is we love, ourselves, and all that is. We can do it!

Dreamers Unite.

With love, Dawn, the Dreamer

Written for Gaia Scenics’ View

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