updateYou Have a Driver Update Available

We have all received the message in the title. Like well trained and obedient little people, we click where told and check our drivers.

All the apps and programmes go like lightening, everything is as it should be in cyber-land.

When those kindly (?) Angels tell us (via channels) that we have a personal Driver upgrade, we’re not quite as keen as we were when we pressed the PC button. I think it’s the not knowing how our internal motherboard will accept the power shot!

There is no going back on the commitment we made to be the best we can be, but do we have to be so TIRED? Unlike the Driver upgrades for the ‘puter (it just accepts it and moves on), taking 5 minutes to do the deed. We, on the other hand, can take up to a month of feeling like twohaporth of gawd ‘elp us. (English slang)

Whilst we may still feel the drama of this Driver download, we know it will pass and a re-energised capable, competent Light soldier will once again emerge. However, they didn’t tell us how long we would be surfing the waves, and this time it seemed like half a lifetime trying to get balanced on the board.

One thing we can do that the PC doesn’t is complain, swap symptom stories and know ‘they can’t be suffering like me’.

Oh joy, when the downloaded driver is done and the install completed, and now the new inventory can be checked and played with. FUN, FUN, FUN!

The new Driver may have opened the Vault door to love and understanding, paid the power bill so the heartlight can be left on 24/7, formatted the contrast for cleared vision and tuned up the volumn for clarity.

Now we can hear, see and feel heaps more.

Ok, I’m game! Roll out the next Driver update. Gently!

Written for Gaia Scenics’ View


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